By the end of 2015 I set myself a challenge for the upcoming year: Take at least one picture every single day! But why?

There is so much going on these days and time just flies by. It’s easy to forget what you’ve done throughout a week, a month, or even a year. You have good moments and bad moments and you remember only a few of them. So I wanted to capture them and set myself the goal of taking at least one picture per day. That might be a photo from a vacation trip, or just the third picture of our cat in a row.
The idea is to capture my day, or a part of it. Just grab the phone *, take a photo, and leave it untouched.

Another reason to start this, was the lack of content I had for a little while, over on my German blog and my German YouTube channel. I hope with this project, I can increase my creativity a bit more.

So, I hope the project works out and you enjoy this blog.



PS: Oh, and if you see a link with an * behind it, then yes, that link is an affiliate link to Amazon, which gives me a small kick-back. It takes you to the German Amazon by default, but you can select a different country as well.